A Perfect Union of Sake and South East Asia Cuisine

Hong Kong General Chamber of Wine & Spirits


While Japanese cuisine may be the default pairing for Sake, it’s also well suited to South East Asian Cuisine. Explore the basics of Sake in this workshop with Ivan Sean and try different food pairings. Through mastering the mechanism behind each pairing and learning to read different Sake labels, you will be able to find the perfect Sake with confidence.

Tasting Kit

Sake and food pairing kit:

  • Dewazakura Daiginjo x 1 (300ml)
  • Kitajima Ichibanshu x 1 (300ml)
  • Tedorigawa Jumi Ginjo x 1 (300ml)
  • Braised Abalone x 2 pc
  • Stewed beef ribs x 1 portion
  • Grilled pork neck x 1 portion
Tools and other items you will need
  • White wine glass, ISO glass or any kind of tulip shaped glasses
Presented by
Mr Ivan Sean

Due to family influences, Ivan grew up with wine and started developing a passion for sake several years ago, constantly travelling to different breweries across Japan to find exceptional wines. He is currently Chair of the Sake Industry Committee of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Wine & Spirits and is a sake distributor, lecturer and consultant.

There are various Masterclasses available for you to join, enjoy an all-new experience of fun and learning and embark on a boundless gastronomic journey.

Live Classes and Highlights

Refer to our programme schedule to see more of our exceptional line-up; all classes are free for your viewing and you may also access the classes again anywhere, anytime.

Kit Ordering

There are various wine tasting kits and ingredients kits available for you to make the most out of your Masterclasses. Click the “Order Kit” button, and you will be taken to the Klook website for easy purchasing. The kit will be delivered directly to the participant’s home before the programme date.

You can also refer to the programme details to prepare your own wines, ingredients and utensils to have a drink with our wine experts, list to our ‘Wine & Spirits Talks’ or ‘Foodie Workshops’ with famous chefs, learning tricks of the trade to create an international array of dishes.

Interactive Sessions

Some of the Masterclasses will have interactive live broadcast rooms, where participants can have the opportunity to be featured on our live channel and also to interact in real-time with our wine experts and famous chefs. When ordering a designated wine tasting or ingredients kit via the Klook website, you can choose whether you wish to join the live broadcast room. Quotas are limited on a first-come, first-served basis.

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